Shenzhen Mayor EDOM Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus to provide personalized e-commerce solutions for the enterprise Internet application service provider.

Comprehensive, multi-angle to provide customers with economic, applicable, reliable and personalized e-commerce application solutions. Business, including domain name registration, space rental, enterprise website construction, website upgrade, website updating and maintenance, website promotion, integrated marketing network, Internet e-commerce solutions, multimedia network design.

Teng-long science and technology in the business development process, and always focus on the corporate Web site building application, and launched the long Teng Enterprises Website for the needs of various industries background, with the extension of unlimited languages version, any increase in part forum , templates and procedures for the separation, labeling establishment of the station, away from dependence on the programmer, designer or operator of the entire station completed need not understand the program, background simple, approachable, the whole station generate html, more flexible framework for the convenience of SEO.

Teng-long science and technology to comply with international industry standards, adhere to the innovative technology development and application of power to uphold the actual customer application requirements-oriented, the largest customer satisfaction service for the purpose, a steady stream of technical services to provide customers with first-class personalized for the customer growth and create value.